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THE OLDEST WOMAN IN SERBIA WON THE CROWN! Grandma Đurđa is 108 years previous and she or he doesn’t quit simply, THE VIRUS AGAINST HER HAD NO CHANCE!

He lives with his son, daughter-in-law and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren in a dilapidated house in the mountain neighborhood of Rupica in the village of Radovnica near Trgovište.

Dr. Novica Zivanovic, who is the director of the Health Center in Trgoviste, says that he is happy that the grandmother who had a lighter clinical picture managed to defeat the virus that took many lives in this small municipality in the south of Serbia.

– Son and daughter-in-law were positive. When the virus was confirmed in family members, we tested the grandmother and on December 4, she was confirmed to have COVID 19. She had a fever and we gave her intravenous therapy – Dr. Zivanovic begins the story.

Grandma is demented, immobile, skinny, has a sick heart, indications that she has had a stroke in the last couple of years.

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FRANCE IN CHAOS, THE VIRUS IS NOT UNDER CONTROL! The government has prepared stricter measures for the weekend!

FRANCE IN CHAOS, THE VIRUS IS NOT UNDER CONTROL!  The government has prepared stricter measures for the weekend!

– One complex situation and a difficult patient who was not relocated from the house, but we followed and treated her by visiting her. The residents received the therapy longer than her, but fortunately she managed to get out of the disease with a little medical help. She has fully recovered and given all the circumstances she is now stable – says Dr. Zivanovic.

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For him and his colleagues, the baptismal certificate that his grandmother has and that testifies to her age is a reason for happiness because this municipality was “cut down” by this virus.

– The battle for every life and for every patient lasts constantly. We are all very happy that grandmother Đurđa showed that everything is possible and we consider her our medical phenomenon – says Dr. Zivanovic.

The president of the municipality, Miljana Zlatković, says that her grandmother is a beneficiary of social assistance and that she receives home care.

– These days, we will visit my grandmother and take help to the family in the form of food and clothes. She is our oldest resident who, in spite of everything, managed to overcome the disease, even though she was not aware of it due to her health condition – said Zlatković.

By the way, in this area, there are a lot of middle-aged people in many neighborhoods who are on the threshold of a hundred years.

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