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This may change when the four-digit numbers come, we now have to grasp THREE issues

02. 08. 2021.

DR KON ON NEW MEASURES FOR AUTUMN: This will change when the four-digit numbers come, THREE things we have to understand

Epidemiologist and member of the Crisis Staff for the fight against the corona virus, Dr. Predrag Kon, said today that we have an increase in the activity of the virus, as well as that we expect an increase in the number of new infections, during the next week as well.


He added that “we cannot know what consequences the return of tourists will have,” he said.

– This is a wave, we can call it a mild wave, but the increase certainly is – said Dr. Kon.

Development of the situation by the end of the summer?

– It can be said with confidence that there will be an increase in activity in the next two weeks. For all festivals, celebrations were delivered what is recommended, and that is to be protected, to be vaccinated, to have been laid down, tested and to wear a mask all the time. As for the festival, we had the example of Exit and it went well. We also discovered infections, but there was no sudden jump – Dr. Kon explained.

The third dose of the vaccine

– The third dose is given, but only to those who are in suppression, those who have weakened immunity due to a natural disease. Various diseases that severely reduce immunity, these patients are at the highest risk and a vaccine is recommended for them. The most important thing is to protect those people. It is clear that the vaccine cannot last long, such is the situation in Israel, it also occurs in other countries. It is especially important that those who are older are slowly losing that protection and that is now known. For now, we have decided only for those who are at serious risk and have severe forms of the disease.

How to increase the number of vaccinated

– So far, we have 49.7 percent of the immunized adult population, probably more than 50 percent. First and foremost, it should be understood that vaccination is approved for those older than 12, it should be understood that the formation of school collectives is coming, and it should be understood that there will be no strict measures like last year because there is protection. Personally, I think, how will it be, it must be insisted that the collectives be protected. We will see how those who do not want to be vaccinated will work. Insistence will not be stopped by Public Health. Protection is equal to vaccination, and those who have been vaccinated. It means either to be constantly tested. It is also valid for health workers and there is no dilemma – the epidemiologist pointed out for RTS.

New measurements in the fall?

– There will be no talk of new measures and bans in terms of closure. It will be certain when the four-digit numbers come that public gatherings cannot be as they are now, there are now up to 500 people. Anything more than 500 requires approval from the Crisis Staff. It is conditional that everything should be provided, that the protected should gather, but we are also witnesses that this is not respected. We have to raise awareness about that, as an epidemiologist, we have an obligation to insist on the vaccination of those who will enter the collectives and on protection.

About the complete elimination of the virus

– It doesn’t look like it will be eliminated, you can’t do the vaccination equally at the world level. The virus survives and changes, so when it changes so much that it can bypass the immunity created by vaccination, it looks like it will survive. I can’t say that, but it looks like that. The vaccines we have are not live vaccines and cannot be expected to be eradicated quickly. This virus now, the delta strain, has a higher reproductive number, it is mentioned that it is now seven, which is very high. At first he was between two and three. What needs to be understood is that if we did not have a vaccine, this process would take incomparably longer and would be with several different variants – Dr. Kon explained.

What will the beginning of the new school year look like?

– Maybe someone thinks that the epidemiological situation will improve, I do not expect that to happen, nothing will change because collectives are places of virus transmission, especially the delta strain which is shown to go better through the younger ones. What I see as the beginning of the school year is that children should be protected – concluded Dr. Kon.



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