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Tottenham and Metropolis to factors after the turnaround

Tottenham welcomed the “saints” in the first match since Jose Mourinho left the club.

Ryan Mason is a temporary solution, and the youngest coach in the history of the Premier League made his debut with a victory.

Dani Ings gave the guests the advantage in the 30th minute, but Tottenham turned it around in the continuation.

Gareth Bale equalized for Tottenham in the 60th minute, who played without Harry Kane.

Son finished the great action of the home team with a goal by Son in the 75th minute, but the goal was annulled due to the offside in which Lukas Moura was, who was between the goalkeeper and Son.

However, Tottenham smiled with luck in the end, as Son brought victory to the host from the penalty spot in the 90th minute.

In today’s second match, Manchester City beat Aston Villa 2: 1 away.

Villa took the lead from the first attack, after about twenty seconds. The shooter was McGinn.

The “citizens” immediately attacked with all their might, and they equalized through Foden in the 22nd minute.

Rodri brought a turnaround in the 40th minute, and before going on vacation, Stones received a direct red card.

However, Cash made things easier for the guests, who received two yellow cards in three minutes, so he was sent off in the 57th minute.

Premier League, Round 32:

Everton – Tottenham 2: 2

Newcastle – West Ham 3: 2
Wolverhampton – Sheffield 1: 0

Arsenal – Fulham 1: 1
Manchester United – Burnley 3: 1

Leeds – Liverpool 1: 1

Chelsea – Brighton & Hove Albion 0: 0

Tottenham – Southampton 2: 1
Aston Villa – Manchester City 1: 2

1. Manchester City 77
2. Manchester United 66
3. Leicester 56
4. Chelsea 55
5. West Ham 55
6. Tottenham 53
7. Liverpool 53
8. Everton 49
9. Arsenal 46
10. Leeds 46
11. Aston Villa 44
12. Wolverhampton 41
13. Crystal Palace 38
14. Southampton 36
15. Newcastle 35
16. Brighton 34
17. Burnley 33
18. Fulham 27
19. VBA 24
20. Sheffield 14

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