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Uran Ismaili simulates what the assured parking zone will seem like for each household in Prishtina

The candidate for Mayor of Prishtina, Uran Ismaili, has said that during his rule he will provide guaranteed parking for every family in Prishtina.

Ismaili, through another video, has simulated in reality what the reserved parking lot will look like.

Ismaili said that if Prishtina had safe walking paths, bicycles and sidewalks today we would have been much calmer and happier, with ample parking spaces.

“But we do not want to complain about everything we lack but to concentrate on the realization of concrete plans to make Pristina better for all citizens,” he said.

According to him, by March 2022 the center area will be completed. By June 2022, the neighborhoods Sunshine Coast, Dardania, Ulpiana, Lakrishtija, Peyton are completed. Until January 2023 other areas including Arbëri, Mat, Tophane etc. neighborhoods.

“For Prishtina that every family has a reserved parking. “For green Prishtina,” he concluded.

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