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A younger physician from Qatar is present process coaching at a hospital in Pancevo, which brings him to the south of Banat

The young doctor Munzir Obaid came to the Pančevo hospital from the University Clinic in Qatar. He will be here for two weeks and together with our surgeons he will learn new treatment techniques that he will be able to apply in his country.

“I don’t have the opportunity to see open surgery in Qatar. Compared to the hospital I come from, this is a smaller institution and less equipped, but here I did open surgery with Dr. Minja for the first time as a chief surgeon. We work laparoscopically, and here I learn new methods, which I see for the first time, ”says Dr. Obaid.

He points out that everyone is kind, to help him and that he will return to Qatar with good impressions.

“Under my supervision, he operated on the open gallbladder for the first time. The operation went well and he did well, we will monitor the patient’s condition,” says Dr. Minja Stojanović, head of the surgery department at the General Hospital in Pancevo.

Doctor Mladen Janjić has already organized eight laparoscopic surgery workshops in Pancevo, in which numerous surgeons from all over the world participate.

Thanks to that, he gained the trust of the most famous professor in that field, Dr. Amjad Parvajs from Great Britain, who is now sending young doctors here for training.

“He received a recommendation that young doctors can learn a fair general surgery here. There is no young doctor at the clinic in London who does not know about Pancevo and Serbia, and we have had a good reputation there for years,” says Dr. Mladen Janjic, a surgeon.

Director Slobodan Ovuka reminded that the hospital in Pancevo is the only non-clinical institution that is a reference for the education of laparoscopic surgery.

“The stay of a doctor from Qatar, who will learn even more from that area, is a confirmation of the high reputation that our hospital has been carrying for years,” said Dr. Ovuka.

Thanks to the exchange of young doctors, our doctors also go to London for training, where they acquire new knowledge in well-known clinical centers.

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