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COLUMNS AT THE BORDERS ARE NOT DECREASING! It takes hours to get in another country!

The biggest crowds at the borders this afternoon were recorded at the Gradina and Horgos crossings, where, according to information from AMSS, the waits are several hours long.

According to the latest information, the delays at the Gradina crossing at the exit from Serbia to Bulgaria are about 240 minutes. At the Horgos border crossing, at the entrance to Serbia, there is a wait of about 45 minutes. There is no crowd at the exit from our country at this crossing.

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Detentions at the Presevo border crossing at the entrance to Serbia are up to 90 minutes. At the exit from Serbia to Northern Macedonia, at the border crossing Presevo, the waiting is up to 60 minutes.

Crowds were also noticed at the Kočuman crossing, and the wait is up to 40 minutes. There are no longer delays at other crossings. As noted by AMSS, the crowds at the Pazova toll station have been changed, where there are delays of up to 15 minutes.

Most of them are Serbian tourists, but also foreigners returning from Greece, and there are also Macedonians who go to Vranje for vaccination. Crowds are expected by the end of the day, so drivers are advised to use an alternative crossing – Prohor Pcinjski, which is not crowded.

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It is also important that tourists pay attention to what they need to enter Greece before the trip, since there were unpleasant situations on Saturday and some passengers had to return to Serbia to do a PCR test.

There are currently no traffic jams at the border crossings with Montenegro. Early this morning, there were a few more cars at the Gostun crossing, so they waited for about an hour to leave the country.

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