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Cyclone from the Adriatic “rushes” in the direction of Serbia: Meteorologist proclaims BIG CHANGE OF WEATHER, reveals after we will put away coats and boots

– For the weekend, after cold mornings, more precisely after Saturday’s frost, real spring weather awaits us during the day with a lot of sunny intervals, and the temperatures will be in line with the quarter – says Đurić.

So tomorrow, on the first day of the weekend, the mercury will move from 16 to 21 degrees. However, long walks should not be planned on Sunday, at least not without an umbrella. Then more clouds and rain are expected, and showers are possible in the afternoon.

During the next week, as Đurić says, elevated temperatures are expected, but it will not last long, and due to the cyclone from the Adriatic, there will be showers with thunder on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Wednesday, noticeably colder weather awaits us, where the temperature will be up to ten degrees lower, and with the rain, a temperature of 8 to 15 degrees awaits us.

Professor and lover of meteorology, Marko Čubrilo, also announced that warm weather awaits us from Sunday, with a temporary spring deterioration around April 13.

– Next week, spring weather will bring maximum temperatures from 16 to 21, sometimes around 24. Worsening on April 13 will bring rain and thunder showers, and after April 15 we will enter the real spring regime, which is something that the long-term prognostic material indicated. – says Čubrilo.

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