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Dreshaj of AAK calls for that the vaccination in opposition to Covid 19 turn out to be necessary

The MP of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK), Shemsedin Dreshaj has asked the Government of Kosovo to make the vaccination against Covid 19 mandatory.

In the plenary session, at the point of statements out of the agenda, the opposition said that vaccination should be mandatory, especially for health workers, teachers and those of the administration.

Dreshaj: I demand that vaccination against Covid 19 become mandatory


“I demand that vaccination against Covid 19 be made mandatory, especially for public workers, administration workers, health workers and teachers. So the government and the Ministry of Health must make strategies and opportunities for a decision that obliges the citizens of the country to be vaccinated or at least those workers who work in the public sector, even the private one. “We have EU countries that have started to implement these measures”, he said./E.Zeqiri

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