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EMERGENCY SITUATION IN ĆIĆEVAC! Greater than 5,000 inhabitants have been left with out water, cisterns can not meet all wants

More than 5,600 residents are supplied with drinking water from the Lake Celija system, but as there was a breakdown on the main pipeline on March 31, the population was forced to be supplied with water from cisterns, which cannot cover the needs of all water seekers.

As announced, due to the bursting of a water pipe of a larger diameter on the main pipeline Stalac – Dedina, not far from Krusevac, the area of ​​the municipality of Cicevac could have been left without water for a longer period of time, until the fault was rectified.

For consolation, the teams of JKP ,, Vodovod ,, Kruševac and JKSP ,, Razvitak ,, Ćićevac are already on the field and working on repairing the accident

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