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ENCOURAGING INFORMATION! An rising variety of cities exceed 50% of these vaccinated!

He told RTS that immediately behind Belgrade are Priboj, Nis, Uzice, Mali Zvornik, Bosilegrad, Kikinda, Novi Sad, Sremska Mitrovica and Kladovo.

It has been noticed that the number of people interested in vaccination has increased, this number of cities is increasing from moment to moment. – says Jovanović.

He stated that the situation is improving in all cities when it comes to the number of vaccinated, and that below 25 percent of those vaccinated are still in Tutin, Novi Pazar, Lajkovac, Mionica and Zagubica.

He stated that so far in Serbia, the first dose of the vaccine has been received by 2,495,000 citizens, or about 46.2 percent of adult citizens, and the second dose by 1,995,000 citizens.

This practically means that tomorrow we will have several round numbers, we will have 2.5 million first doses, two million second doses and 4.5 million vaccines given in Serbia. – said Jovanović.

He stated that the percentage of young people who have been vaccinated has also increased, and that at this moment in the age group of 18 to 30, it is below 14% of those who have been vaccinated.

Of course, that is not a sufficient number and that is why the invitation to young people to use the weekend ahead of us, but also to use the opportunity to get vaccinated by Monday, because they are entitled to additional financial assistance from the state in the amount of 3,000 dinars. – said Jovanović.

He says that more than 20,000 citizens have been vaccinated so far at the vaccination points in shopping centers in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis, which he states are working well.

As he said, almost 3,000 citizens have been vaccinated in the Belgrade vaccination bus so far, and the bus was in Obrenovac today.

Such a bus also started in Novi Sad, and Jovanović says that several hundred materials have already been vaccinated in it so far, and that it will be placed on Trg slobode for the weekend.

We invite citizens to come and get vaccinated at any of the 226 checkpoints throughout Serbia without making an appointment. Every day, data on the number of infected people show that we are on a great path to put an end to the fight against kovid – said Jovanović.

He says that there is enough vaccine and that all four types of vaccines are available to citizens.

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