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Euronews Serbia sign launched! – Informer

Euronews CEO Michael Peters, Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, Telecom CEO Vladimir Lucic and French Ambassador to Serbia Jean-Louis Falconi spoke at the ceremony at the Sava Center, where Euronews Serbia is located.

The Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, thanked the Euronews Serbia team and the General Manager, Michael Peters, for making the decision to launch Euronews Serbia, which, as she said, showed great trust, but also faith in the European future of this country.

“EU membership is the most important foreign policy goal of Serbia. The arrival of Euronews, the leading European information channel, is a really great opportunity to present Serbia to other European countries. “, stated Brnabić and pointed out that she is convinced that Euronews Serbia will bring Serbia and the EU closer.

“The arrival of such a big brand is another confirmation that Serbia is changing and becoming much more important on the European business map,” said the Prime Minister of Serbia, adding that with the arrival of Euronews, “we get another big and credible channel.”

“For Serbia, this means more media pluralism, respect for the highest professional standards, above all objectivity and impartiality, but also less sensationalism, and more verified, accurate and complete information.”, said Brnabić.

“We will be open to any criticism,” she stressed and specified:

“As the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, I want to say that we will always and at all times be open to any criticism, any information that can improve and enhance our work and that what we appreciate more than anything is precisely that objectivity, impartiality, credibility and verification. information at a time when it is increasingly difficult to rely on credible and verified information, “the Prime Minister said.

As she added, against false news, semi-information, misinformation from social networks, “it seems to me that we, as well as every professional and credible media, have to fight.”

“And that is why I am still so happy that Euronews is in Serbia. Euronews will also mean for Serbia the representation and spread of European values ​​in our country, and that is what will further help us on our so important European path. And as a result of everything This, and what is extremely important, I believe that your presence in Serbia will draw the quality of dialogue in every sense – both political and social. “, said Brnabić.

The General Manager of Telekom Srbija, Vladimir Lucic, said that free and professional media are important for everyone who lives in Serbia.

“The fact that Euronews has chosen us as a partner in our work is a great honor and great satisfaction, and at the same time a professional obligation to be leaders in the region in this segment of business,” said Lucic.

He stated that Euronews Serbia will be shown on all Telekom platforms in Serbia and the region, but also in the world on Telekom’s platform for the diaspora.

“I wish my colleagues from Euronews Serbia all the best, many exclusives, many good interviews that will be remembered because free and professional media are important for all of us who live in Serbia. Welcome to Serbia,” said Lucic.

He reminded that Telecom has entered a strong investment cycle in the last three years and that they aim to make a modern telecommunications company, a leader in the region.

In addition to standard telecommunications services, in line with global trends and trends, they invest a lot in digital services in multimedia, as well as in their own television content.

“Our company Arena Channels Group, a subsidiary, has experienced great and strong development in the last three years. In addition to sports content, for which we have significantly raised the quality, we have released several new channels we are proud of, such as Super Star – it’s Serbian HBO is a combination of the highest quality movies and series, music channels Toxic Folk, Toxic Trap, as well as Balkan trip TV, “he said.

He pointed out that more than 3.2 million households in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, from Slovenia to Northern Macedonia, watch channels within the Arena Channels Group.

“All our channels are decided by high professionalism, high quality and high ratings. That is why it is of great importance for us that Euronews came to Serbia, because Euronews is one of the strongest and highest quality information channels in the world, and definitely the strongest in Europe.”, he concluded.

Euronews CEO Michael Peters said today was a new step in Euronews’ strategy.

“We have been building this brand, this name and its qualities for almost 30 years. We are very proud that Euronews is the medium that people trust the most in the whole of Europe. When I see what we are doing here, the quality and expertise of the people here, I am very sure that Euronews Serbia will hold the Euronews flag very high. We have one ambition, and a modest one – we want to be in the middle. “We want to be a place where all politicians and other social figures are welcome to give their opinion, to express themselves, and we are here to respect them,” he said.

Peters expressed hope that Euronews would benefit Serbian society, and vice versa.

“I believe that this is a bridge, of course, primarily when it comes to bringing Europe closer to Serbia. We are very proud that through the concept of Euronews, people in Serbia will be able to get better acquainted with European values ​​”, said the CEO of Euronews.

The Ambassador of France to Serbia, Jean-Louis Falconi, addressed those gathered at the Sava Center and wished a successful start to the broadcasting of the signal and the future work of Euronews in Serbia.

Euronews Serbia hosted today, on the occasion of the beginning of broadcasting, numerous representatives of the public and political life of Serbia.

During the day, the editorial office of Euronews Serbia in the Sava Center was visited, among others, by the President of the Serbian Parliament Ivica Dačić, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Selaković, Minister of Culture Maja Gojković, President of the Democratic Party Zoran Lutovac, President of the People’s Party Vuk Jeremić Pavle Grbović, president of the New Party Aris Movsesian, deputy president of the Party of Freedom and Justice Borko Stefanović, deputy president of the Democratic Party Dragana Rakić, president of the city organization “Doors” of Belgrade Radmila Vasić, numerous representatives of the diplomatic corps …

Euronews Serbia is a branded affiliate of Euronews, which will broadcast local, regional, national and international news on TV and digital platforms, produced by its own team of journalists and correspondents. It is part of a wider Euronews network that broadcasts global news in multiple languages, from a European perspective, for more than 400 million homes, in 160 countries.

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