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FSSHK involved concerning the violation of antiCOVID-19 measures in election rallies

The Federation of Health Trade Unions of Kosovo says that it is following with concern the public gatherings of political parties competing in the early elections which do not adhere to the measures set by the Law on Prevention and Combating COVID-19 in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo, as and NIPHK recommendations.

According to FSSHK, this is greatly endangering the health of the population in general and health workers in particular because recent studies in the UK have shown that health workers are 4 to 5 times more exposed (at risk) to infection than the rest of the population.

FSSHK estimates that in the situation with the COVID-19 Pandemic, patriotism, patriotism and commitment to the country show all those who respect the masses, put on masks, respect the social distance and we are not seeing this in political parties without exception.

Therefore, FSSHK is extremely concerned with the behavior of political figures as if there is no virus, as we are in a normal situation warns all political parties that the responsibility in case of increase in the number of infected with COVID-19 falls on them and for this we will undertake all legal actions until the filing of a lawsuit for endangering the general health of the population and in particular of health workers.

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