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GOLUBAC TODAY IN THE SIGN OF CULTURAL EVENTS! Live performance and goulash competition in Golubac Fortress!

Citizens and tourists of this small Danube Municipality will have the opportunity today to enjoy three locations in the vicinity of this town. In the Golubac Fortress itself, which records a large number of daily visits, a concert “Brothers Teofilović on the walls of the invincible guard” will be held tonight, starting at 7 p.m.

Vesna Jović

In the settlement of Žitkovac, visitors will also enjoy the Festival of Vlachs of Serbia where everyone will be able to enjoy the ancient original music of the Vlach region and in the village of Braničevo near Golubac, lovers of good cuisine will enjoy “Pečki kotlić” where excellent chefs will compete in preparing goulash.

All these manifestations take place within the “Tourist Summer 2021” and will last until August 28.

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