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Gordana Božić is aware of the key – find out how to change into the most effective entrepreneur

Gordana Božić from Pancevo is only 38 years old, and she has been an entrepreneur for two decades. She opened a beauty salon and entered the business world very young, but hardworking and persistent, eager for education, without the help of state subsidies she managed to build a business and today she has seven employees and many satisfied customers.

“If I tell you that I come to this salon from Belgrade, then you understand why I do it. The service is perfect, the owner as well, all the workers are very wonderful,” says one of the customers.

Building her career, Gordana also raised three daughters, won awards at hairdressing competitions, and was educated in the business sphere. Her success did not go unnoticed, because she received the “First Oscar of Serbia” award for a woman entrepreneur.

“I am someone who can say that being an entrepreneur is nice. It’s not only scary and difficult, there are many beautiful moments and you can really manage your life on your own,” says Gordana Božić.

The award has a special significance because the past year, due to the crown, was difficult for small entrepreneurs. However, she managed to keep all employees, who are satisfied with the working conditions.

“We have phenomenal conditions, a regular salary, a beautiful space in which there is a good atmosphere for work. We are a serious and good team,” points out Mariana Madjarov, the manager in the salon.

“Reduced working hours and we could not work on weekends, my workers were also ill, so we suffered a financial blow, however, life goes on, something always happens,” says Gordana Božić.

Considering that education is very important, Gordana plans to open a private school from where trained and professional staff will come out, who will not be satisfied with ordinary courses. In this way, she wants to help other women become independent and succeed in business.

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