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HOLDING A SWORD IN HIS RIGHT HAND, HIS HEART IS FLEXIBLE TOWARDS KOSOVO AND METOHIJA! The monument to Emperor Lazar, positioned on a 10.5 meter excessive pedestal, shall be ceremoniously unveiled on Vidovdan!

Symbolically, Tsar Lazar holds a sword in his right hand, his heart is turned towards Kosovo and Metohija, the shrine he defended, and his view is towards the city of Krusvac, which he founded 650 years ago.

The erection of the Monument was attended by the Mayor of Kruševac, Jasmina Palurović, with associates and representatives of the Kruševac Police Administration.

The monument to Tsar Lazar is, by the way, a gift from the Krusevac Businessmen’s Club.

The church of Knez Lazar will be ceremoniously opened on Vidovdan, and its construction in the area of ​​the “Tsar Lazar” Barracks is coming to an end.

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