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I discovered it subsequent to a container with an empty bowl! Once I approached him I spotted he CANNOT GET UP! /PHOTO/

What makes every story about animals unique is that, despite human neglect and often malice, they do not stop waving their tails, jumping when they see you or putting their head in your lap to feel your touch. That is all the happiness of this world for them.

Who would want to house this cute house?

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AFTER THE DIFFICULT SURGERY, I JUST GET OUT OF BED BECAUSE OF THEM! I adopted Mazu and that is the best decision! /PHOTO/

When they see Tom’s pet, people can’t help but wonder: Micko is a 200-kilogram star

When they see Tom's pet, people can't help but wonder: Micko is a 200-kilogram star

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Returning home, Emilia heard crying. At first she couldn’t make out what was going on, but when she took a closer look, she found him. Thrown by the dumpster, with an empty bowl and cloth … crying sadly. And what? To leave him … she had no heart!

When I approached him, and tried to lift him up, I realized he couldn’t stand on his hind legs – said Emilia and added:

He is very cheerful and cuddly, he eats like a lion

The toddler has been with me since mid-June, and since then we have been going to the vet regularly, where it was said that his pelvis and spine were broken. she says.

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She did not give up on him and dedicated the whole summer to him, doing exercises with him, lifting him to his feet, massaging … in the end, he started to lift his hind legs himself. However, he can’t use his legs like legs, he just raises his pelvis and stands SAM, but alone, people! Do you realize what a desire and struggle for life it is!

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We are looking for a foster parent, I placed him in a home boarding house, where he has all the necessary care and attention, because I do not have enough time to dedicate to him at the moment, so I decided it was best, because people have experience with handicapped dogs and work with them. all the necessary care and attention. I was by his side when he was at his worst, I gave him all my attention and love, until he recovered she concludes.

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Here is a story that is nothing new, and yet special, because we have seen it once again, and once again these perfect beings have taught us a lesson …

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