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IF I TELL YOU HOW LONG I WAITED, YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE ME … Right here is how crowded the borders of Serbia are! Video

Earlier in the day, passengers waited for an average of two and a half hours to cross the Hungarian and Serbian borders, and a maximum of four.

“We come from Switzerland, and we headed to Zajecar. We waited for sure for two hours at the border.”, says one of the passengers, while the driver from Austria who travels to Belgrade states that he waited for an hour and a half.

“If I tell you how long I’ve been waiting, you won’t believe me. A little over four hours in total. I work in Kecskemét. I crossed our border quickly, while in Hungary I waited a very long time.”, said one of the passengers.

“We are traveling from the Netherlands to Skopje. We waited 55 minutes on the Serbian side, and nothing with the Hungarians.”says one woman.

“I’m leaving Hungary, I’ve been waiting an hour and a half in total”said a passenger in a vehicle with Senta-Ada license plates.

According to unofficial information, only last weekend, on Saturday and Sunday at the Horgos 1 border crossing, about 80,000 people entered our country, and among them was a large number of passengers who took buses from Budapest to Novi Sad, to Exit.

In order to relieve Horgos 1 and Kelebija, the authorities appeal to drivers to use one of the four small border crossings – Bajmok, Bački vinogradi, Đala or Horgoš 2, which are intended exclusively for passenger traffic for our citizens and those with a European Union passport.

By the way, today, people waited longer at those crossings than at the big ones, because many chose them with the intention of crossing the border in a hurry.

Usual crowds at the Batrovci border crossing

Passenger vehicles are kept at the border for up to half an hour when entering and leaving the country, and so is Batrovci, where there are currently three lanes for passengers entering the country.

During the day, there were longer waits at this crossing on the Croatian side, and now the influx of passengers going on vacation has increased.

“We brought everything we needed for vacation, a green card, vaccination certificates … Last time we were returned from the border, so that the same thing would not happen to us again.“, says one of the passengers for Tanjug.

Although this crossing is frequent, there are no longer waits, to the satisfaction of passengers.

When it comes to freight traffic, trucks wait about an hour or longer, and the column is more than a kilometer long.

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