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Indictment for exerting affect, abuse of place and cash laundering

The Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosovo has filed an indictment in the Basic Court in Prishtina – Special Department, against the defendants with initials BR, IB, ME, and LL, for various criminal offenses.

The Special Prosecution Office notifies that the indictment was filed because the well-founded suspicion was proved that the defendant BR committed the criminal offenses “Exercising influence” under Article 431 paragraph 1 of the CCRK, “Abuse of official position or authority” by Article 414 paragraph 1 in conjunction with Article 77 of the CCRK and “Money Laundering” in Article 308 of the CCRK, in conjunction with Article 56 paragraph 1 under paragraph 1.1 of the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism.

Whereas for the defendants IB, LL and ME, the well-founded suspicion was confirmed that in cooperation they committed the criminal offense, “Abuse of official duty or authority” from Article 422 paragraph 1 in conjunction with Article 31 of the CCRK.

In the indictment, it is also proposed the confiscation of property, ie cars of the type “Audi” F2 S7 Sportback, black color, year of production 2019 ‘, which during the investigation phase turned out to be property acquired through criminal offense by the defendant BR

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