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Interactive and inventive workshops for all those that need a job within the media!

18. 04. 2021.– Author: Press

Lidija Gajić: Interactive and creative workshops for all those who want a job in the media!

Lidija Gajić, an entrepreneur from Kruševac, is known to the public as the owner of a portal that has been offering a wide range of lifestyle topics in which young people can find the content they are most interested in, from fashion, beauty, health, culture to social issues that address us. In addition, Lidija has launched two workshops within her portal, where young people who want to work in the journalism profession, digital marketing and the basic contents of online journalism. A good part of these workshops are lectures on product promotion on the Internet, which is of interest to both small entrepreneurs and large companies nowadays.

These workshops are held on a zoom platform, and what characterizes them is primarily support for young people who have a great desire to engage in entrepreneurship in the media, which primarily requires knowledge, great desire, but also the help of those who are successful as Lydia this path.

“One is a workshop on web journalism, creative writing and internet marketing, which covers the following areas: Introduction to Web journalism, basic forms of online content, news, extended news, blog, usability of the site, basic principles of web writing, title, subtitle, teaser, enumeration , “Catchy” title, the importance of social media for web journalism, introduction to social networks, ways to promote online content and much more. The workshop is interactive and in the group participants can always count on the help and support of other participants in the group. It lasts for two months and is held online, via the zoom platform. After the workshop, the participants will receive all the content in pdf format “, says journalist Gajić.


The second workshop is copywriting and storytelling, which lasts two days. It is held as before, online via the zoom platform. The workshop deals specifically with the sales text, the difference between copy and content. Attendees are given the tools to best compose text that will sell their product or service. As part of storytelling, they learn how to tell their story through text and thus win over customers and audiences.

Lidija is a graduated philologist and media manager, and after many years of working in them, she decided to leave the jobs that gave her security and show her creativity and resourcefulness in the best way in creating her brand. It was not easy, but now she knows that the path she went through was worth the effort, and therefore she wants to empower every young person who dreams of being “her own boss”.

“As awards in journalism, I received various educations. Some of them are education on internet marketing, then education on SEO. In addition, I attended various writing courses. Along with this, I worked on local television. First during the morning program, then as a journalist and finally as the host of two shows. After some time, more precisely in 2018, I realized that I could give much more than I was doing at that moment. Then I quit television and started my own magazine, Shine magazine, with the idea of ​​bringing readers closer to readers in a different way, about whom not much was written at the time. “Says Gajić.

On the way to starting your own business, there is always anxiety, because it is a path of uncertainty, on which, if you succeed, many opportunities open up that were previously unattainable. That is why knowledge for self-employment is very important, and team work is no less important, so the workshops are interactive, because each participant has help from their group. Lydia herself connects her memories of her beginnings in entrepreneurship with colleagues, friends and people who were always there when she needed motivation and help to realize her dream.

“No one will be surprised when I say that the Serbian language was my favorite subject at school, hence the love for writing and for the study of Serbian language and literature.” I’ve been writing since I was little and I’ve always found myself in it. As the years went by, I knew that it was a calling for me, that it was what I wanted to do forever. It was not easy, but the team that I had around me, and which is still here today, helped me a lot “, says Lidija Gajić.



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