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Might snow and snowboarding on the Stara Planina

Festive atmosphere and cheerful guests, spring temperature, and snow is still not falling. Brazilian Mateus is also getting to know the beauties of Serbia with his future wife from Belgrade.

The May Day picnic was able to be spoiled by rain in previous years, but snow is also a rarity on Stara Planina at this time. According to the visitors, the snow cover for May Day is unexpected, but there are ski fans who were happy for him.

Apple plain more than 1,600 meters above sea level, oases of snow and spring oases of blue saffron, face to face.

On Stara Planina, it is still possible to test for kovid 19, with an antigen test, for those who have not been vaccinated.

“Those who have been vaccinated with any of the vaccines have special discounts, but they have a safe stay and that is what is most important. Good rest, good walk all in all, here guests can be immunized in that way, but also get vaccinated “, emphasized Goran Karadžić, director of the PE” Stara planina “.

Visitors to the mountain reckon that the sun will not take away the snow that makes children happy the most, at least until Tuesday, as long as the May Day and Easter holidays last.

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