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Milanovic returned conflict decorations to Branimir Glavas

Seven war decorations and the rank of Major General Branimir Glavas in 2010 were taken away by the then president Ivo Josipović, reminds the Croatian Index.

The Order of Prince Trpimir with a necklace and Danica, the Order of Prince Domagoj with a necklace, the Order of Ban Jelačić, the Order of Ante Starčević, the Order of the Croatian Trefoil, the Homeland War Memorial and the Homeland Gratitude Memorial were returned to Branimir Glavaš.

Milanović made the Decision on the termination of the validity of the decision on revoking the decoration of Glavas on the basis of Article 98 of the Constitution and Articles 2 and 36 of the Law on Decorations and Recognitions.

Milanović’s decision to terminate Josipović’s decision was published in the Official Gazette (OG 59 / 2021-1139), and it is stated that it was passed on 21 May at the proposal of the State Commission for Decorations and Recognitions of the Republic of Croatia on the basis of two court decisions a reversal in the ‘duct tape’ and ‘garage’ cases, in which Glavas was charged with committing war crimes.

These are the decision of the Constitutional Court of January 12, 2015, which revoked the final verdict against Glavas and the other defendants, as well as the decision of the Supreme Court of June 7, 2016, which revoked the first instance verdict in the same case and returned the procedure to the beginning.

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