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Nasa is in search of individuals who will faux to be on Mars

The US space agency is looking for four people who will participate in a one-year simulation known as “Analog”, writes the Independent.

In the fall of 2022, those who are selected will begin the mission of “simulating life in a distant world.”

Grace Douglas, a scientist at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, where the mission will take place, estimated that this simulation is critical for testing solutions for the needs of complex life on the surface of Mars.

“Simulations on Earth will help us understand and confront the physical and mental challenges that astronauts will face before they leave,” Douglas said.

NASA hopes that three one-year missions, called “Crew Health and Performance Exploration Analog”, will also help in the preparatory examination of the trip to the Moon.

The four lucky ones will live and work in Mars Dune Alpha, a 1,700-square-foot base, and will deal with “environmental stressors,” such as limited resources, equipment failure, and communication issues.

Aside from those tasks that don’t sound very tempting, meeting NASA’s strict criteria is another not-so-fun thing to do.

The Space Agency is looking for “healthy, motivated U.S. citizens or residents who are non-smokers, ages 30 to 55, and who are fluent in English.”

It is also necessary to have a master’s degree in mathematics, engineering, technology and science. A slight deviation from this requirement is possible.

On the website on the mission application process, NASA states that certain drugs cannot be considered for taking during the simulation: drugs for blood pressure, blood thinning, drugs against epileptic seizures, against allergies, insulin, sleeping aids, antidepressants, anxiety drugs.

Those who meet all these conditions and do not mind the possible risk of “minor inconveniences” and “physical injuries” have until September 17 to apply.

The selection process takes 13 months.

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