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Nishlijka experiences that she noticed a person getting into the river: Rescuers and police proceed search in the present day

As we find out, a woman walking with a child on the quay reported to the police that she noticed a man who fell into the river near the My Place hotel. Immediately, the emergency services were alerted, which started searching the river on the stretch around the Railway Bridge, but no traces of the alleged drowned man were found.

Also, as we find out, there were no more eyewitnesses of the alleged tragedy, and so far no one has reported someone’s disappearance that would coincide with the time of the reported event.

DK The search continued today

It is not excluded that the accident really happened, considering that the Nisava is a fast and unpredictable river, so there were cases when the drowned people were never found.

One of them is a 40-year-old VJ who was dragged away by the motherland five years ago not far from the “Roda” shopping center. At the insistence of her relatives, who also addressed the highest state bodies, the search was organized on several occasions, but her body was not found.

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