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Occasions of April 1st

The ceremony of starting the works for the construction of a kindergarten in Skenderaj, funded by the EU, is being held. (Primary school “Shaban Jashari”, Skenderaj, time 11:00)

Kosovo Chamber of Hospitality and Tourism reaches cooperation and cooperation agreements in the field of action with the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism. (Hotel “Sirius”, time 11:00)

The Mayor of Prizren, Mytaher Haskuka, together with the officials of the Directorate of Culture, Youth and Sports, inaugurate the new clothes of the UN “Union”. (Sports Center, Prizren, time 11:00)

The Director of Urbanism and Spatial Planning in the Municipality of Prizren, Beni Kizolli, signed a cooperation agreement with the Director of the Regional Center for Cultural Heritage (KRCT), Samir Hoxha for their involvement in the drafting process of the Lumabardhi shoreline regeneration project. (Center for Integrated Services – One Stop Shop, Prizren, time 11:30)

AAK leader Ramush Haradinaj pays homage to Lybeniq in Peja. (Time 12:00)

Acting President of Kosovo Glauk Konjufca pays homage in Lybeniq, Peja. (12:50)

Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KCA) organizes a press conference on “The impact of the pandemic on the economy and the consequences of the crisis caused by COVID-19”. (KCA Offices, Prishtina, time 14:00)

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