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Occasions of February 26th

On the 85th anniversary of Adem Demaçi’s birth, homage is paid and flowers are laid at his grave. (Velani, time 11:00)

ETEA concludes the first phase of the project “Circular Library with reading comprehension strategies”. (Cinema “Armata”, time 11:00)

In the archeological park “Ulpiana” is held the award ceremony in the field of cultural heritage. (Archaeological Park “Ulpiana”, Gracanica, time 12:00)

In honor of the 85th anniversary of the birth of Adem Demaçi, a table is held. (Albanological Institute – Prishtina, time 13:00)

GAIA and GLPS will file a Lawsuit for Administrative Dispute against the Water Permit for the Brezovica Hydropower Plant in the Municipality of .trpce / Shtërpcë, issued by the Regional River Basin Authority within the Ministry of Economy and Environment. (Palace of Justice, time 14:00)

At the Counting and Results Center, CEC spokesman Valmir Elezi holds a conference on the progress in the recount process and other activities taking place at the center. (Counting and Results Center, 15:00)

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