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On Horgos, there’s a three-hour await the exit from Serbia!

Outside larger cities, the traffic is more moderate, with the fact that it is still intensified on the highways in the direction of Hungary and Croatia, there are no delays, but slow driving is possible on the sections where works are being performed, due to which there are traffic changes.

According to the information of the Border Police Administration, obtained at 5:15 AM, passenger vehicles are waiting for three hours at the exit from Serbia on Horgos, and half an hour at the entrance to the country on Gradina.

Detentions for trucks:

  • GP Horgos, exit, wait 90 minutes,
  • GP Kelebija, exit, wait 180 minutes,
  • GP Batrovci, exit, wait 120 minutes,
  • GP Sid, exit, wait 60 minutes.

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