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ROAD CONDITION: There’s nonetheless snow on the highway within the mountainous areas, site visitors within the a part of Kopaonik has been suspended as a result of dangerous climate!

There is still snow on the road in the mountainous areas of Ivanjica, Sjenica, Valjevo, Požega, Užice, Novi Pazar, Vranje, the Auto-Moto Association of Serbia announced.

On sections of roads that pass through mountainous landscapes and rock cuts, there is a danger of sudden landslides and rockslides, so careful driving is recommended.

According to the data of the Border Police Administration at 05.15, detentions at the cargo terminals of our GPs at the exit from the country:

– GP Batrovci, 180 minutes

– GP Horgos, 120 minutes

– GP Kelebija, 120 minutes

– GP Sid, 180 minutes.

At other GPs there are no longer delays for all vehicle categories.

Traffic on the part of Kopaonik was suspended due to bad weather

Due to strong storms and stormy wind, which creates sediments near the hotel Putnik in Brzeće, traffic on all categories of vehicles was suspended on Kopaonik.

PE “Roads of Serbia” announces this morning that the public will be informed in a timely manner about the normalization of traffic on that road.

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