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RTS :: Within the morning throughout Serbia

Last May, the citizens spent indoors in their apartments, so today’s sunny and warm holiday was a real gift for them. The picnic areas were full, in the village of Vodice in Zlatibor, everything is according to the regulations. The grill chirps, the skewer turns, and the inevitable trumpeters.

“After everything we have experienced in these one year, let’s relax a little now and enjoy ourselves,” rejoices one guest from Zlatibor.

In the Ovčar-Kablar gorge, catamarans sail through the meanders of the West Morava, and more active excursionists conquer mountain peaks.

Visitors point out that there is a trail for everyone, both milder and steeper. There are also guides who help people climb to the top to enjoy the beautiful views and spend a beautiful day in nature.

There are also those on Goč who came with caravans.

One of the parents says that they came yesterday with the children and that they will stay until Monday.

“It’s beautiful, we hang out all day. It’s great that we’re all in the mood, and this is a great situation to hang out with,” the children are satisfied.

Snow on Kopaonik and Stara Planina

Kopaonik and Stara Planina welcomed this May Day covered with snow. For the most avid skiers, a good opportunity for another downhill.

“The snow for May Day is unexpected, it is a bit soft but good, we can’t even expect it for May Day,” says one of the skiers.

Others point out that there are people, and that in essence everything is spacious, arranged, there is no crowd and that it is really fun.

Dawn and holidays in Belgrade

After yesterday’s assault on tourist places across the country in which the people of Belgrade took the lead, the few who remained in the city spend the day on Kosutnjak, Avala or Ada Ciganlija.

“We hang out nicely, it’s a nice day and we should use it. We’ve been here for two days, we have music, they were trumpeters and we have our own music,” the young people say.

They also say that they made a barbecue where it is allowed, that they threw everything where it should be, put the grill back, ate nicely, and hung out.

Guys in their best years imagined over chessboards. They say that all of them are good masters and that they are fighting a fierce battle on 64 fields.

It is difficult to talk about respecting anti-epidemic measures at picnic areas throughout Serbia. Fortunately, everyone is outdoors, so the possibility of infection is lower.

Although the bathing season on Ada Ciganlija is not open yet, because the weather is unstable, many ignore the appeals of the authorities not to risk their health and not to enter the lake because the water is only 14 degrees.

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