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SUDDEN CHANGE AWAITS US! It is a detailed forecast for the following interval!

Meteorologists are announcing fresher weather, with occasional rain and short-term showers with thunder. The lowest temperature today will be from 12 to 17, the highest from 19 to 24 degrees.

See the forecast for October and the rest of the year:

Moreover, a sudden change in the weather bothers most chronic patients, and special caution is advised for heart patients and asthmatics. Meteoropathic reactions such as muscle aches and headaches are possible.

According to the forecast for the next seven days, it will be moderately to completely cloudy and fresh in Serbia on Wednesday and Thursday. A moderate and strong wind will blow in the Košava area, and a stormy southeast wind in the south of Banat, which will weaken on Thursday. However, it was already dry on Friday with partial clearing. For the weekend, mostly sunny with cold mornings and daily temperatures around the average values ​​for the first decade of October (from 20 to 23 degrees). On Monday, a little warmer with gradual cloud cover and strengthening of the southeast wind in the Košava area. On Tuesday, mostly cloudy, with occasional rain.

Climatologist Vladimir Đurđević from the Institute of Meteorology stated that two to three millimeters of rain will fall in Belgrade, but that more precipitation is expected in central Serbia and in the south of the country, and stormy weather in western Serbia.

He also explained that the change of weather usually comes from the west and that if the clouds are high, it is as if someone pulled them out with a paintbrush, and behind them is a thicker layer of clouds, usually a sign that rain is coming.

Djurdjevic stated that the coming days will not be as warm as yesterday or today.

Temperatures will be around 20 degrees from tomorrow, which degree below or above. As the week progresses, the chances of the weather being brighter will increase, as the next two days will be quite cloudy. – said Đurđević.

We can expect higher temperatures from Friday, he added, but from the beginning of next week it will be more unstable.

We’re still on the seesaw. You can’t see the real cooling in the fall, but you can’t see that the next five or six days will be as warm as the last five or six days. Temperatures close to 30 degrees are still available – said Đurđević.

The best chances, as he stated, are that the temperature will be above the average for this time of year for the next three weeks.

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