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The grand constitution of UNS was handed over to the RTK editorial workplace

The President of the Association of Journalists of Serbia, Živojin Rakočević, visited Radio Television Kruševac and on that occasion handed over the Grand Charter of the Association to this editorial office.

On this occasion, RTK Director Djordje Kovacevic pointed out that Radio Television Krusevac is today a stable three-media house, whose anniversaries – last year half a century of Radio and these three decades of Television Krusevac – are proof of continuity and persistence in respecting and constantly improving professional standards. new investments and an office building that this media house has bought in the meantime.

Director of the RTK Program Council Slobodan Radičević emphasized that Radio Television Kruševac managed to preserve the status of the central and most influential media house in this part of Serbia, with the successful privatization through which it managed to preserve professional integrity and stable business.

UNS President Zivojin Rakocevic, during the presentation of the Grand Charter of the Association of Journalists of Serbia to this media house, once again emphasized that he believes that “administratively local media are the essence of media in Serbia”, which makes the jubilee of Krusevac Television even more respectable.

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