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THE STORM IS COMING TO SERBIA! Ice bathe after TROPICAL TEMPERATURES – showers and thunder through the evening!

Friday was the first tropical day in Serbia, and temperatures in some parts of the country still reached 30 degrees Celsius, and tonight showers followed by wind and cold are expected.

According to the RHMZ website, in the next two hours there will be short-term rain in some places in the southwest, east and in the central parts of Serbia.

It is already raining in some parts of the Serbian capital.

Meteorologist Djordje Đurić states that very warm and windy weather is expected by the end of the day, but also with showers that will contain particles of desert sand from the Sahara.

Although it is cloudy today, the weather is very warm and really summery. Current temperatures range from 20 ° C in the south to 28 ° C in the north and northeast of Serbia, in Belgrade it is 27 ° C. Previously, temperatures in northeastern Serbia reached 30 ° C in Banatski Karlovac. Sjenica measures 18 ° C, Zlatibor 17 ° C, and Kopaonik 11 ° C – states Đurić.

– For the first time this year, the maximum temperature reached 30 ° C in Ćuprija and Kruševac, and in Niš and Leskovac 31 ° C, so that yesterday was the first tropical day in Serbia, and until the day when the maximum temperature reaches or exceeds 30 ° C.

The cloud system with rain and showers, which previously covered the southern parts of Serbia, is currently moving over the western, central and southeastern parts of Serbia and will continue towards the end of the day further north and northeast. So, this precipitation system is moving in a strong southwest altitude current to the northeast – adds Đurić.

Heat again tomorrow, and cold on Monday

And on Sunday very warm, but with a strong southwest wind. Maximum temperature from 23 ° C in the northwest to 28 ° C in the southeast of Serbia. Towards the end of the day in the northern, and during the evening and night in the central parts of Serbia, the wind turns to the northwest, with a drop in temperature and only light rain in some places. – states Đurić.

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