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VIDEO SHOCKED SERBIA After he was filmed STEALING IVIČNJAK, a thief ended up in entrance of the digital camera once more – AMAZING EPILOGUE OF THEFT IN PRIJEPOL

That caused an avalanche of comments in Prijepolje, and now that story has got its epilogue.

“The man was recognized by the citizens, one of them called him and said that if he did not return the curb, he would reveal his identity and put the video on a billboard in the center of Prijepolje,” one citizen told RINA.

It seems that the threat still bore fruit, so today the security cameras again noticed the same man returning the curb and fitting it into the rest of the sidewalk.

That Prijepoljac really intended to take the curb is also shown by his previous readiness, because during the theft he took out a spare tire from the trunk so that he would not be suspicious of passers-by, and he put a mat on the concrete.

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