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WE ARE caught for 15 hours on the border! A complete of 50 buses are standing, we’re left with out water, we’ll die of thirst!

The media have been buzzing for days about the crowds at the border crossings where they wait for three hours, but those who took the bus at the border have been stuck for 15 hours.

At the exit from Serbia, in front of the Horgos border crossing, columns of passenger vehicles of about five kilometers were formed. Those who set off for Hungary by bus have been stuck at this crossing for 15 hours.

Dragica Bosnjakovic (56) left for Hungary yesterday, and at the border is from last night from half past eight in the evening.

– A total of 50 buses stand. First we were kept on our border, now we are on Hungary. Nobody tells us why they have been holding us for so long. It is unbearable, we are left without water, we will die of thirst. There are a lot of sick people here, I am a heart patient myself, and there are a lot of children. It’s unbearable now because the morning temperature has high, it’s too hot on the bus, and we only catch shade outside if there are trees – she said.

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CROWDS AT THE BORDERS, waiting for more than an hour

CROWDS AT THE BORDERS, waiting for more than an hour

printscreen RTS Auto-Moto Association of Serbia (AMSS) announced this morning that increased traffic intensity is expected today, which is usual for the weekend in the tourist season, especially on the roads to lakes and picnic areas, as well as to Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungary and Croatia.


At Kelebija, there is a 180-minute wait at the exit from the country, while at the Bački Vinogradi crossing, there is a 60-minute wait.

At the Preševo ​​border crossing, at the entrance, the delay for passenger motor vehicles is 90 minutes, at Gustina at the exit 50 minutes, and at the entrance 40.

At the Špiljani border crossing, at the exit from the country, passenger vehicles wait for 70 minutes, and at the entrance for 20.

At the Jabuka crossing, passenger vehicles wait 30 minutes when entering the cabbage, while at Batrovci, at the exit, they wait 40 minutes.

At the Kotroman crossing, both at the exit and at the entrance, vehicles wait for 40 minutes, and at the Sremska Rača crossing, at the entrance, for 45 minutes.

Roads of Serbia inform drivers that on the road Požega – Čačak, near the place Kratovska stena, the traffic was normalized after the traffic accident.

On the road Gornja Trnava – Cerovac, near the settlement of Čumić and near the Svetinja pass, works on the part of the state road are taking place until August 24 from 7 to 17 o’clock. In the settlement of Čumić, the traffic takes place by alternately passing vehicles in the period from 7 am to 5 pm.

At the Svetinja pass, the traffic takes place alternately for 24 hours, and the speed of the vehicle is limited to 40 km / h.

On the road Brežđe – Divčibare, on the section Krčmar – Divčibare, the works on the rehabilitation of the road are being extended until October 1, and the suspension of traffic is still in force. An alternative road route during the suspension of traffic is the bypass Mionica – Divci – Valjevo – Kaona – Divcibare.

On the section Prijepolje – Barski Most, in the place Zavinograđe, works on the rehabilitation of the landslide are in progress. The traffic takes place by alternately passing vehicles with traffic lights.

On the road Negotin – Zajecar, until November 1, works will be carried out on the increased maintenance of the road with alternating leaks of vehicles.

Due to the works, the traffic on the bridge near Titel over the Tisza is regulated by temporary signalization with alternating passing of vehicles.

A traffic ban is in force for vehicles with a carrying capacity exceeding 12 tons, and the control of the total allowed weight of vehicles is performed during 24 hours.

There are no vehicle detentions at toll stations on highways in Serbia.

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