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WE FIND OUT The Prosecution known as on the contributors of Petnica to name: They attraction to all those that imagine that they have been broken after 2013

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“Blic” has been confirmed in this prosecution that they are sending a public appeal to persons who in the period after 2013, by former ISP employee Branislav Savić (65), suffered any form of sexual harassment or forced to take photos, and feel damaged to turn to The Basic Prosecutor’s Office in Valjevo.

The violence lasted from 2003 to 2014.

The case of abuse of former ISP participants, who in their confession for the weekly “Vreme” marked the editors of “Petnički sveski” as abusers in the period from 2003 to 2014, as confirmed to us by the prosecution, is still in the pre-investigation phase – conducting informative interviews and gathering material evidence for victims’ claims.

As we learn from reliable sources, the expertise of dozens of confiscated analog photos and boxes with films with naked girls, which were found in the apartment where Savić lived as a tenant for some time, has begun.

– In addition to determining the time of these photos, some of which are explicit, as well as the locations where they were taken, since it is not just about Savić’s office and ISP space, we are also working on identifying the women who are on them. It is important to determine whether at the time of filming, the naked girls on them were minors – says our source, adding that the search, in search of evidence, was conducted in the house of his family in the village of Gornje Leskovice.

Possible formation of a criminal report

If the identity is confirmed, and the prosecution is contacted by participants who believe that they were used in this way, as he adds, it is possible to form a criminal report and initiate proceedings against Savić, who, we remind you, was questioned as a citizen and not deprived of liberty. The period after 2013 is important, because in that case, “Maria’s law” would be applied, according to which criminal acts to the detriment of the sexual freedoms of minors do not become obsolete, and it also covers the exploitation of a minor for photography.

At the Petnica Research Station itself, after the session of the Management Board at which the resignation of the director Nikola Božić, who was only a few months old, was accepted, future participants were informed via the official website that the anthropology seminar, planned from July 1 to 6, was postponed. , while a biology seminar will be held. Until the election of the new director, the management of the ISP was taken over by the Management Board, whose president Tanja Adnadjevic stated that a new protocol was being prepared that would make the station safer.

– No school in Serbia, except the university, has a procedure according to which it would react so that Friday is not the only case. Our associates initiated the adoption of a document, which would cover issues of sexual harassment and behavior. It is terribly important that we have such a document and that we have a procedure. It is a pilot project, and we will also do education at the same time – said Tanja Adnadjevic.

According to her, a package of measures must be adopted, so that the associates know how to recognize illegal behavior and how to behave in those situations.

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