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WILL THE CLASSES CLOSE AGAIN? These are the circumstances below which we are able to spend the summer season!

27. 07. 2021.

WILL THE CLASSES CLOSE AGAIN? These are the conditions under which we can spend the summer!

Many countries in the region, even those that are our tourists’ favorite tourist destinations, are tightening their measures due to the growing number of people infected with the coronavirus!


In Montenegro, the operation of nightclubs and discos in the open and indoors is prohibited, the national digital kovid certificate is introduced, and new measures are introduced in Croatia and Greece.

Interim measures

This tightening of measures has worried many citizens of Serbia who have not yet traveled to the sea, and they hope that they will be able to take a bath by the end of the season. However, the regulations will not significantly affect the summer vacation of our tourists, believes Aleksandar Seničić, director of the National Association of Travel Agencies (Utah).

– The measures that were adopted in Montenegro are temporary and were adopted because the epidemiological situation has worsened. However, the fact that the work of clubs and discos is banned does not mean that tourists will not be able to enjoy the sea – Senicic explains and adds that everywhere in Europe, the goal is not to close countries, but to motivate people to get vaccinated.

Photo: Pixabay.com

Vaccination important

In the countries that are our favorite tourists – Greece, Turkey and Egypt, as Senicic says, no new measures have been introduced.

– In Greece, the owners of discos, restaurants and bars have actually been given the opportunity to decide for themselves whether to receive tourists indoors. There is a distance on the beach, hygiene and disinfection are taken care of. To ride the ferry, there is an obligation to have a PCR or a quick antigen test, ie confirmation that the passengers have been infected with coronavirus. However, they also need to enter Greece, so this ban applies primarily to those who are located in the continental part of Greece and want to take a ferry, visit the islands and return after a few days. That is still a very small percentage. Ferries are an expensive way to visit the island – Senicic points out and adds that those who have been vaccinated have no problem.

Senicic also believes that there will be no closures in these three countries until the end of the season, which in Greece usually lasts until the second half of September, in Turkey until October, and in Egypt until the end of November.

Photo: Pixabay.com

Let us remind you, the work of night clubs will be banned in Montenegro until August 2, and the national digital kovid certificate will be introduced from Friday. This certificate, modeled on the EU’s digital covid certificate, will contain information that the person has been fully vaccinated or received the first dose of the vaccine, as well as the date and time of a negative coronavirus PCR test, not older than 72 hours or proof that the person has survived kovid 19.

In Croatia, primarily on the stretch of Dalmatia, a ban on all public events and gatherings attended by more than 50 people was introduced yesterday, unless they have a certificate. In Greece, cafes work with 85 percent occupancy, and in Turkey and Egypt, each hotel prescribes measures, and somewhere at the entrance to the hotel, the temperature is measured.



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