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Winter has returned to Serbia, in some components MORE THAN 20 CENTIMETERS OF SNOW / VIDEO / PHOTO /

“All roads are passable, teams are on standby, there are no traffic jams, but due to the weather conditions, drivers are advised to be careful, especially when it comes to roads leading to the Zlatibor and Zlatar rivers,” Leko Koricanac, director, told RINA. Roads of Uzice, “.


On Golija, the snow cover reached a height of over 20 centimeters, and for now, all roads are passable.

“The falling snow is heavy and wet and that makes the situation more difficult, but the mechanization is on the field and is constantly working on clearing the roads. In the city area, the height of the snow cover is from five to seven centimeters and precipitation did not cause major problems,” he told RINA Vitomir Arsović, Head of the Road Maintenance Sector in Putevi Ivanjica.

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