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DETAILED FORECAST FOR AUGUST! Effectively-known meteorologist introduced after we can count on adjustments!

After the 2nd and until the 6th of August, refreshment will probably arrive, especially in the western and northern parts of the region, because the penetration of fresh air from the Atlantic would still be relatively weak. After a short thaw around August 8, it could refresh again, this time a little stronger, and the period from August 8 to about half a month would bring temperatures around the average, while those in the west and north might occasionally be a little below average.

The second part of the month is synoptically very complex, from August 16 to around August 22 it could be warmer again, but it is questionable how high the maximums would go, considering that the influence of the Atlantic would always remain over the western and central parts of Europe. The very end of the month could bring a concrete change, but for now it is only in the sphere of speculation, predicts the weather forecast of Čubril.

The beginning of the month should be significantly drier than the average, while after 2.8. there may be more frequent showers over the west and north of the region. It seems that the eastern and southeastern part of the region would wait for some more specific precipitation at least until around August 8, if not a little longer, while for the coast there is no signal for more specific precipitation at this moment, says Čubrilo.

The second half of the month would bring the first precipitation around the average, while later it could become a little drier than the average. In summary, we have a typical August ahead of us, the very beginning should be very warm, after 3.8. the heat would slowly subside, and the period from 8.08. to about 16.8. could mark fresher weather with more frequent showers, while then warm weather could return, while just before the end of the month, a somewhat stronger refreshment may follow.

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