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Mayor Stevan Bakić: Town is a certain assist for a college with a noble mission!

There are few cities in Serbia with such a spectrum of educational and social institutions as they do in Subotica, and very successfully. The school center with the dormitory “Dositej Obradović” performs an extremely important social mission of rehabilitation, educational and professional training of deaf and hard of hearing persons. This gives this institution an important social dimension, because it has been helping generations of children to lead a better and more independent life for decades. – Bakic pointed out.

Strahinja Babović

He emphasized that today this noble mission has been extended to children with other disabilities and that this school center makes a great contribution to the quality of specialized education in this city.

Strahinja Babović

On this occasion, I would like to emphasize that the City of Subotica, and I personally, highly appreciate the tradition of this institution, as well as everything that is current from the program and activities. The management of this school can rely on us and be convinced that we will always adequately support its work and strive to improve the conditions under which it takes place. Proof of our support is that for 2021, we have allocated 2.63 million dinars for the preparation of project-technical documentation for the reconstruction of this school. This should be done during August, and after the completion of the project-technical documentation, we will do everything to realize that project in the next year. Congratulations once again on School Day – said Mayor Bakić.

Strahinja Babović

The director of the school center with the dormitory “Dositej Obradović”, Natasa Nimčević, stated that after a long break, the Day of the School is being celebrated again and that it is a privilege to be part of this collective proud that their school is named after an educator and a national teacher.

Strahinja Babović

Even more proud because we chose that name ourselves in 2014, when, in line with the inclusive trends of society, we rejected the old name of the institution. Although of a completely different meaning from what Dositej’s Great School was, this one of ours is “great” in many ways. Just as Dositej dedicated his entire work to striving to “open the eyes” of the people, to teach them, to be useful to them, so our school has a similar mission: to teach children with disabilities, to be useful to them, to with everyday “learning” makes life easier “, said Natasa Nimcevic.

Strahinja Babović

Mihalj Vermeš, the president of the School Board of the School Center with the dormitory “Dositej Obradović”, also addressed the audience.

Photo: Strahinja Babović

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The school center is an institution that has a long tradition. It was founded in 1945 in Indjija, as the first Home for deaf children in Vojvodina, and two years later it moved from Indjija to Subotica. He moved to the building where he is now in 1962. As it developed, the school changed its name several times: from the Home and School for Deaf Children, through the School Center for the Upbringing and Education of Hearing Impaired Persons – to the School Center with the Dositej Obradović Student Home.

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