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NOVI SAD FRIENDS OF THE NIGHT TEAR TEARS OVER THE CROWN! There is no such thing as a Novi Unhappy Truthful, no Exit, the pandemic has severely aggravated them

It is the same with prostitution in Novi Sad, in which, as they say, elite prostitutes did the worst.

– Our “colleagues” from the streets are still doing well, but we are very upset. If I tell you that in normal years I earned about 70,000 euros for a week while the Novi Sad Fair was held, and a little less, about 40,000 euros for four, five days during the “Exit”, then everything is
clear – a girl whose name is known to the journalist told Infrmer, but she said that we should only sign her as a Sultan and that she is about 25 years old.


She also notes that none of the clients know her under this name. The condition for talking is that there is no painting, neither from a distance, nor with a blurred face in photo processing.

– Not only are there no foreigners who are ready to put their hand deep in their pocket when they come to Novi Sad for a few days, but domestic tycoons have also switched to cheaper “business escorts”. Despite the fact that they cannot reconcile the complete atmosphere with them and get high quality services, which are provided by about thirty of us in Novi Sad, and for which everyone knows that we are the elite in our business – explains “Sultana”.

HE ALSO GOT A BOMB WITH DRUGS! Police in Novi Sad discovered heroin and marijuana dealers

HE ALSO GOT A BOMB WITH DRUGS!  Police in Novi Sad discovered heroin and marijuana dealers



In fear of the crown very careful

She further says that they only have work a couple of times a month when a businessman from abroad comes across it, but they are also afraid of the crown and they are very careful, there are fewer sex games and foreplay, which are an integral part of complete pleasure and of course, the price is lower.

– Now, after such meetings, they barely pay 300-400 euros, and rich clients used to give us that to buy some expensive perfume or something similar and it was not included in the price. I see that those from the stage are whining about some help, I know that we are not in legal channels, but maybe a model of short-term help could be found for us because we are almost bankrupt – “Sultana” suggests.

However, despite the crisis for those most elite “friends of the night” in Novi Sad, as we learn from reliable sources, prostitutes at a lower level are still offered in various ways, from classic stalls at bus and train stations, through text messages to public announcements..

Traditionally, most of them are around the Kaćka loop, but also in the place where they are least expected – near the City Cemetery.

– Street prostitutes near the cemetery “process” clients at prices ranging from 500 dinars to a maximum of 30 euros. For younger prostitutes, the price is higher, and special wishes are paid separately. The work is done in several nearby houses, which everyone knows about, but also in vehicles and truck cabins – says a Novi Sad resident for Informer, who has been following this area for a long time as a subject of sociological research.


About 300 women are engaged in “ordinary” prostitution in Novi Sad ?!

According to unofficial estimates, “ordinary” prostitution is practiced by about 300 women in Novi Sad, outside of what is called so-called elite prostitution.

– Famous ladies from public life and the world of show business are also engaged in high or elite prostitution. Their price is from one thousand to five thousand euros per night, and everything takes place in well-hidden, expensive locations in the city, but also in weekend houses on Fruška gora.

Expensive gifts from regular customers are an integral part of socializing, and their value can reach as much as ten thousand euros.

With the arrival of the crown, all this almost disappeared. There are no foreigners or they are rare, and among the locals, I believe, the fear of prostitutes not giving them the crown influenced them the most – our interlocutor states.

According to the data from the Novi Sad police, there are almost no rules as to who is involved in prostitution. These are women of different material status, from those with the lowest level of education, through female students, to mothers and wives from “happy families”.

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