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/ PHOTO / VIDEO / TERRIBLE STORM IN ČAČAK! An enormous metropolis whitewashed within the metropolis middle, fully destroyed cherries and apricots!

It is unprecedented that such a strong city is beating in the city area. The streets were completely white at one point, and the ice could be collected with shovels. Some cars were in holes, and the storm removed the tiles on some houses. – said Aleksandar Lazović from Čačak for RINA.

The city roared to the surrounding villages and decimated the fruit and vegetables on some farms. The greatest damage was caused to fruit and vegetable plantations, and in the village of Miokovci, the cherry and sour cherry crop was decimated.

Photo: RINA

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What was not harvested by frost, is now decimated by the city. We know how much damage it actually is when we go to the orchard and the garden, but we can already see that a lot has been destroyed. The harvest is over for cherries, sour cherries and apples and what little was born from apricots are damaged– says Aleksandar Stojanović.

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