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“Slight improve of contaminated individuals in faculties” Ruzic on the RED LINE for the transition to on-line courses

16. 11. 2020.

“Slight increase of infected people in schools” Ruzic on the RED LINE for the transition to online classes

Minister of Education Branko Ruzic says for RTS that it is very important to preserve the educational system. He emphasized that schools have proven to be the safest place, as well as that in some districts, the coronavirus has not entered schools at all. “So there is no reason to panic or to switch to online classes,” Ruzic said, adding that the situation was being monitored.

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Branko Ruzic, as a guest in the RTS morning news, stated that educational institutions bore a huge burden, primarily educators, and that it is important to ensure that the process of acquiring knowledge functions in this way for as long as possible.

“We have a slight increase in infections”

“We have a slight increase in the number of infected people, but when we look at the statistics and the fact that we have 250,000 children in kindergartens, about 530,000 in primary schools, about 250,000 in secondary schools and 250,000 in colleges. That’s some million and 250,000 children we all care about the fear is legitimate and justified, but it should not be politicized and panicked, “Ruzic said.

He emphasized that schools have proven to be the safest place, because it has been shown that the process of transmission of the virus itself does not take place in them, but that the virus comes from outside.

“These measures that the Government adopted at the session yesterday, which are more restrictive, we hope will reduce the tone of the virus in the next 15 days, until December 1,” Ruzic said.

As for the specific numbers of infected students, he says that “Trampoline” has detailed data, but that in primary schools that percentage is somewhere around 0.1 percent at the level of the whole of Serbia.

Neither for panic, nor a reason for online teaching

“We have a situation where in some districts the coronavirus has not entered schools at all. So there is no reason to panic or to switch to online classes,” the minister points out.

He emphasized that from the beginning, there is a possibility for parents who want to decide to follow their children online.

“So far, that percentage in the beginning was some 4 percent, in September 2.7 percent, now when it started a slight growth, it is now 3.3 percent, but that only shows that parents have a lot of trust in the education system,” he added. is Ruzic.

What a red line

When asked what the red line is when they will have to switch to online classes, Ruzic says that there are clear protocols and regulations that are being taken.

“What is important is that the health part of the Crisis Staff will always be in charge of proposing those measures. For now, there is really no reason for that,” Ruzic points out.

He stated that the situation should be monitored and that a reaction should be made as soon as cases of infection appear.

He pointed out that there is a slight increase in the number of infected people among the teaching staff, and that this data will also affect the proposal of new measures.

“If there is a great growth in the ranks of educators, it will be a problem to organize the process of acquiring knowledge,” said Ruzic.

When asked if enough online classes were recorded, the minister said that they were always recorded three weeks in advance.

“We owe gratitude to our school administrations, now we follow the classes they recorded in the school administration in Valjevo, so for three weeks another school administration changes. I think they are very dedicated to their work despite what they do in their schools. Great. “Trug, great work and great dedication of those educators, and we must be grateful to them,” Ruzic said.

He pointed out that it is important for parents to be careful and cautious in order to prevent “the crown from entering the education system through the big door”.

“I think that these measures from yesterday are, in a way, both a signal and an alarm for all of us adults to take into account how we behave and whether we respect the measures,” Ruzic believes.

He emphasized that the law that was passed is very important, because it will have a preventive effect on people’s consciousness.

“I am sure that 80, 90 percent of citizens respect the measures, but because of the minority that shows a high degree of irresponsibility, unfortunately we come to a situation where there is more infection,” Ruzic concluded.



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