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The Mayor of Subotica wished the reapers a bountiful harvest! Bakic on the celebration of the nationwide vacation of Bunjevac / PHOTO /

Milinka Hrćan, Assistant Provincial Secretary for National Minorities-National, attended this presentation of the custom of mowing grain near Bunjevac. community, Stevan Bakic, mayor of Subotica, Bojan Shoralov, mayor North Bačka Administrative District, Hajnalka Bognar Pastor, member of the City Council in charge of agriculture and many other guests.

Welcoming the hosts and present guests, the mayor of Subotica, Stevan Bakić, expressed his satisfaction that today, on the lynx, on the property of, as he said, good hosts, he stated that of all the festivities and customs leading to Dužijanca Day, it is certainly the most important.

Strahinja Babovic Stevan Bakic

– By mowing the grain, in the way your ancestors did, you keep the memory of them, nurture the customs, but at the same time we all remember how much effort, diligence and physical strength it took to reap the grain from the endless fields of Bačka – said Mayor Bakic, sending the reapers to the field. The most important thing, the mayor said, is for this custom to remind young people that the lynx was a great obligation.

– While the hosts were mowing, other family members were gathering grain, making sheaves, preparing snacks. They spent the whole day in the fields, working together in the sun, strengthening family together, they invested maximum effort to raise their children and provide for their household. – Bakic reminded.

Photo: Strahinja Babović

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I would like to wish you a good lynx, a bountiful harvest and to look forward to meeting Dužijanci Day together, Bakić underlined and added that the City of Subotica, ie the Town of Subatica, will now always be here in the Bunjevac language to support the lynx and all festivities of this type. and the state of Serbia, which is proud of its rich national traditions.

According to Milinka Hrćan, for the Secretariat for Regulations, Administration and National Minorities-National Communities, it is extremely important to hold holidays of national importance.

– That is above all important for preserving the multiethnic character of Vojvodina. The province financially supports such events through competitions that are usually announced at the beginning of the year – said Hrcan.

Photo: Strahinja Babović

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Suzana Kujundžić Ostojić thanked Stevan Bakić, Milinka Hrćan, Bojana Šoralova, Hajnalka Bognar Pastor, organizers and participants of this event as well as all those present and expressed satisfaction that the people of Bunjevci welcomed this 2021 to make the lynx exactly as it should be from beginning to end. .

– We try to preserve this custom, and on the other hand to gather people, farmers and to hear what their problems are in the business they are engaged in – said Suzana Kujundzic Ostojic.

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