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TOMORROW ARE HOLY WITCHES, PROTECTORS OF DOCTORS! With a view to be HEALTHY ALL YEAR it’s essential to say these phrases! Here’s what the CUSTOMS dictate!

These saints are considered the protectors of the medical profession. According to the legend, the saints helped and healed without asking for anything in return “for gain and enrichment, but for God’s sake”, so they are popularly known as the saints Besrebrenici.

“Saints Cosmas and Damian, brothers in body, born in Asia, shone with good deeds, so they received the gift of healing from God and gave health to both souls and bodies, healing every weakness and every infirmity,” wrote Bishop Nikolaj Velimirović.

It is also written that Kozma “angrily rebuked Damjana when he took three eggs from Palladia, a woman who was cured of a serious illness, and that he even asked that he not be buried next to his brother after his death.”

However, the saints were buried next to each other in Fereman. Saints Cosmas and Damian, popularly known as the Holy Physicians, are represented on icons and frescoes in medieval clothing, with caskets in which they carried medicines.

One of the most famous frescoes with the figures of Saints Cosmas and Damian is located in the Patriarchate of Peja, above the sarcophagus of Archbishop Danilo II. According to the canon of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Saints Kozma and Damjan, popularly known as the Holy Healers, are celebrated twice a year – on July 14 when Kozma died and on November 14 on the day of Damjan’s death.


In the calendar of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Saints Cosmas and Damian, ie Saints Doctors, are not written in red and fasting is not obligatory.


There is a belief among the people that a prayer for healing should be said on this holiday, but also that it is good to do hard physical work and that you should not leave the house unnecessarily.

As Kozma and Damjan have healed the sick all their lives, there is a belief that a prayer for healing should be said on this day. This prayer should be recited starting today, 40 days in a row, and you will be as healthy as you believe it can help you.

THE PRAYER reads as follows:

To you, holy silversmiths and miracle workers Cosmos and Damian, as quick helpers and warm prayers for our salvation, we bow our knees, we run and, bowing, we earnestly cry: do not despise the prayers of us sinners and helpless, who have fallen into many iniquities every day. and we sin for hours. Pray to the Lord to grant us, Your unworthy servants, Your great and abundant mercy.

Deliver us from every suffering and sickness, because you have received from the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the abundant grace of healing, for the sake of firm faith, free healing and your martyrdom. Hear us who pray and through your God-pleasing intercession pray to Christ God for Orthodox rulers health, prosperity, salvation, victory over enemies and God’s blessing.

Bowing again, we earnestly ask you to ask the Lord for all that is useful in this temporary life, and especially that which is necessary for eternal salvation, to make us worthy to receive a Christian end with your prayers, without sickness, shameless, peaceful, and let us be delivered from the deceptions of the devil’s and eternal torments, that we may be heirs of the boundless and blessed Kingdom of Heaven.

And you, pleasing of God, do not cease to pray for those who approach you in faith; even if, by the multitude of our sins, we are not worthy of your mercy, being true imitators of God’s charity, make us bring forth a fruit worthy of repentance and reach eternal rest, praising and blessing the wonderful in your saints our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ and His Immaculate Mother , and your warm protection, now and always and for centuries. Amen.

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