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/ VIDEO / THE DAY AFTER THE ATTACK ON THE BOY NIKOLA IN KIM! The streets are abandoned, the locals are in worry, however they’ve one message! “WE WILL NEVER LEAVE”!

The attack on Nikola Perić upset the inhabitants of Goljbulja. The village streets are deserted. The aunt of the beaten boy, Jelena Perić, says that the pressure to move Serbs from Gojbulja continues.

We are afraid to let the children on the street, but we cannot even lock them in their houses. Their message is to move out, but I don’t think they can do anything, because we will never leave here. We will fight, but we will not move. We are living people and we need someone to protect us – said Perić.

The residents of Gojbulje point out that they have been suffering attacks on property and damage to agricultural properties for years, but that attacks on children exceed all limits and tolerance.

Today, I feel like 2004 with this event. Tensions are currently rising on all sides. There are children in question, but what if one of us seniors was nearby and there was a lurking conflict that could have escalated. It is terrible and worrying and we need to work seriously on this problem.

People who are elected and receive a salary to seriously deal with problems, to show that we all have a place where we are. Language, faith, symbols and the cross should not bother anyone. I don’t mind any flag, landmark, or other religious building, but I want mine to be protected – said the representative of the village board of Gojbulja, Bratislav Kostić.

Gojbulja is a multi-ethnic village with 36 Serb houses and 90 Serbs. During the war and after the arrival of international civilians and military forces in Kosovo, the villagers were exposed to constant pressure and attacks. Three Serbs from Gojbulja were abducted in 1998 near Belaćevac, while in 1999 three brothers from the Mihajlović family were abducted. Two people from the village were killed in 2000, in a car on the way to Mitrovica. In the same year, Dragan Perić was killed on his property with a firearm.

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